We're Different

& proud of it.

Your home needs to be functional, attractive, and suitable to your lifestyle. That is the earmark of a good design.

Leisure by Design is a new company, yet we incorporate many years of collective experience in drafting, design and project management.

A Unique Approach

A Unique Approach

Leisure by Design offers a uniquely innovative approach to creating design of living spaces.

We’ve been told by many that our approach is quite different than other design firms. Firstly, and most importantly, we take time to meet, listen and talk. Our initial consultation is free (1-hour); and in that time, we hope to determine enough information to provide a thorough design approach for your project. Then, when approved, we move forward. Capturing your ideas and expectations, we begin with a rough draft and then proceed accordingly. Learn more about our process.

The most important feature in kitchen and bath remodels is its cabinetry, and therein lies one of our specialties. We represent many different cabinetry lines that and have specific knowledge about, and experience with, each company’s product line. And while our 2,500 foot new showroom in Seaside displays a wide-range of cabinetry options, the possibilities are endless!

By combining traditional design practice with innovative technology and a cutting edge mindset, our company is able to provide an unparalelled level of service, attention to detail, and most importantly: innovation and quality to each and every project we create.

Service Overview

Service Overview
Kitchens set the tone for the entire house. They have the ability to not only provide a meal but a complete experience. An inspiring space can mean the difference between a mediocre day and a fantastic day. For those not looking to renovate the entire kitchen, small upgrades can go a long way. Changing the cabinets and/or counter tops can significantly transform the mood in a kitchen.
"People invest into kitchen upgrades because it is often the most important room in a home."

Often overlooked, a bathroom redesign can do wonders for your lifestyle and your home’s resale value. Bathrooms are a space for cleanliness and comfort, making a well-designed bathroom important for a successful home environment.

"Due to their smaller room size, bathroom redesign can often be an affordable upgrade to any home."

The most obvious reason to remodel your home is for resale value, making it seem unnecessary if you are not planning to sell. However, remodeling with the purpose of staying in your home is one of the best decisions you could make for your family. When remodeling your home, you can ensure your home environment is prepared for the future, now. When remodeling, you have endless opportunities: Go Green, find problems that might have occurred down the road (saving you time and money in the future) and more.

"Instead of trying to find the perfect home,
why not create it?"

Leisure By Design works closely with many vetted industry professionals, allowing our team to extend services through a trusted network of professionals such as contractors, architects, developers, and more. This allows you the peace of mind that other companies simply cannot provide. When you come to Leisure By Design, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your project can be taken care of, the right way.

"A professional assessment of your situation will lead to a solid plan of action."

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